Our Services

We offer support to vulnerable adults with activities of daily living by offering them choices while meeting their linguistic and cultural specific requirements. We support adults with mild learning difficulties, physical disability, dementia, mental health conditions, sensory impairment, terminal illness and elderly We offer following support.

Personal Care

Our care staff assist service users with all their personal care needs, such as toileting, washing, bathing, dressing/un-dressing, etc., while promoting their independence by allowing them to do as much as possible by themselves.

Sleep-in & Waking nights

Depending on needs of our service users (SUs) our care workers can supervise and support service users throughout the night. It can be either sleep-in, whereby care staff is allowed to sleep, or it can be a waking night, whereby care staff remains awake all night, though they should have access to a comfortable chair to sit on. Please speak to us for further information.


We offer support with shopping on request or as agreed at the time of assessment. Also, to promote independence and participation of our service users, our care staff can help service users to prepare their shopping list or to escort them locally for shopping.

Domestic & Laundry

We offer support with light cleaning such as dusting, mopping, hovering, etc., and laundry tasks.


Our care staff can prompt, assist and administer prescribed medicines which are either in original packaging or in a blister pack. We do not offer support with medicines that are in dosette boxes because of safety reasons.

Sitting & Respite

We offer sitting services to support service users while their carers get some respite.


We also offer support to service users with complex needs or on palliative care, who need to be supported 24 X 7.


It could be escorting service users to a hospital appointment or to religious places of their choice, shopping, local garden, etc. using public transport or a cab.

Meals preparation & feeding

Apart from feeding, we offer support with meals preparation. Since many of our care staff are of the same cultural background as of our service users, they help their service users in preparing ethnic food as per their choice.

Our Ethos

As a home care provider, we always promote a way of life for our service users which permits them to enjoy, to the greatest possible extent, their rights as individual human beings. We assess their needs and agree positive outcomes they want to achieve and then do all to support them achieve those outcomes. Following principles are fundamental to NLAC